“From Monchou to ‘Darling’ in French: The Treasured Connection Between Canine Companions and their Devoted Humans”

Asian Alliance International Company has created a premium grade pet food brand known as “Monchou” that offers high quality ingredients and health benefits like 100% real tuna high protein ,low in sodium, Omega 3&6, Zinc, and other essential nutrients. Monchou is a great product, but the brand needed more awareness towards sales funnel. Touchpoint Groups crafted a voice for Monchou that connects with the new generation and older generations, as pets are often raised as companions or even as members of a family, particularly by elders. The slogans and hashtags created by Touchpoint Groups help to create memorable associations with the brand, and the choice of presenters and advertisements further enhance the brand awareness and recognition. The advertising agency was able to secure two talented actors, “PP-Bewkin” and “PP-Krit Amnuaydejkorn” as presenters for Monchou and created compelling 3 TVC movies split into separate hashtags that the brand wanted to communicate with people, which were #valuablewords #loveinsync and #lovewithtrueessence. These hashtags captured the essence of the brand’s high-quality ingredients, nutritional value and the emotional bond humans share with pets, making it easy to create associations with the brand in the minds of people.

❤️#Valuablewords mean that whatever we do for our beloved 4-legged companions is valuable, whether it be how we take care of them, beautiful words we share with them, or the word that calls them to eat. The word that calls them to eat is a phrase that is often used to describe the sound that is made when we call our pet to their food or snacks. In this context, it can represent the bond we share with our pet, and the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for our pets, which Monchou provides.

❤️#LoveInSync means that in order to raise dogs and cats, it is crucial to first establish a bond of synchronization and love between you and your pet. This starts with noticing your pet, developing an attraction, falling in love, and gradually forming a bond of love and mutual understanding. Without sync and love, it is difficult to successfully raise a pet, and you may have to give it to someone else. It is essential to understand and be in sync with your pet’s needs, preferences, and emotions in order to provide the best possible care and raise it with love, which Monchou helps to facilitate with its high-quality ingredients and nutritional value.

❤#LoveWithTrueEssence means that true love for a cat or dog involves accepting them for who they are, with all their personality quirks and unique traits. No matter how temperamental, touchy or naughty they may be, we can still love them with all our heart, while still caring for them and meeting their needs with Monchou’s premium grade wet food that’s made with real fish and high-quality nutrition that promotes their health and well-being. At the end of the day, what matters most is the love and care we share with our pets, which is the essence of true love.

The partnership between Asian Alliance International Company and Touchpoint Groups has been successful in creating a solid brand identity for Monchou, both the new and older generations have taken notice and developed positive associations with the brand.

In an effort to reach a wider audience, the advertising agency also focused on creating an impact in the offline space, with several initiatives taking place at the PET EXPO 2022 event. This included the wrapping of 2 BTS Silom and Sukhumvit Line trains, which meant that passengers on these lines were exposed to Monchou’s branding and messaging. Additionally, the agency purchased screen advertising at the various platforms and stations that people use to access the BTS line, ensuring that they were exposed to the Monchou brand throughout their journey. These efforts ensured that an average of 57 million people would see the advertising content every month, helping to create a strong brand presence and drive sales.

Over a two-month period from August to September 2022, such as 4 Billboard signs, which were seen more than 45,886,824 times, and 11 Billboard LED Digital signs, which were seen more than 114 million times. The impact of this marketing campaign was substantial, with a total of 163,102,140 viewed the ads. As a full service marketing agency, our goal is always to help our clients achieve their goals and intended objectives, using creative and effective campaigns that reach a wide audience and resonate with the target market. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve sales successfully.


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